We help owners to improve rental collection and retaining your tenants for longer

Lifyn is born to solve one of our community problems, whereby most of us in the community are rarely communicating with each other.

Management App

Designed to solve problems between house owners and tenants. Lifyn aims to create a healthy and meaningful co-living community for the NEXT generation.

Lifyn (Living in) means connecting people to create meanings in life.

To Owners

Never get your rental late.

We help house owners to collect rental promptly. So you never have to worry about late payment that bothers you anymore.

To House Manager / Tenant

Tenants Management

We provide a payment solution that allows your co-tenants to pay their rent anytime, anywhere and with any payment methods they wish to.

To Co Tenants

Multi payment method for rental

Multiple ways to pay your rent, be it online banking or even credit cards! You’ll never be late to pay rent anymore!

How it works

From one house to the whole community


Never get your rental late.

Create House
Owners can create a "house" in the app, be it land or highrise, just fill in your address, give it a name, and done!

Add Tenants
Add your house manager or tenant who can manage it for you. Once you’ve done. Just enjoy the rental collections that are all on time ;) Through app features, you can manage co-tenants with no hassle.

Collect Rent on time
You can collect all your rent in the app, automated of course! The rental collection is no longer a hassle now!

House Manager / Tenant

Manage your co tenants well.

Tenants Management
Through app features, you can manage co tenants with no hassle.

Create Bills
Create all the monthly utilities bills and lifyn will automate it for you, how simple is that :)

With our trusted home services, you can manage all kinds of payments through lifyn app.

Co Tenants

Multi payment method for you to pay rent.

Automate and cashless
No more ATM / Cash deposits, no more late payment, with Lifyn, we automate your payment with multiple options !

Initiate chat direct to the owner / tenants without giving contact no, your privacy is protected. Even it's good to manage complaines & feedbacks !

Initiate activities and "jio" your friends together, because your house is rented, but your life is not ! So be good with your tenants ;D


Own a house?
Rent a house?
We got you ;)

Never get your rental late

Manage your house with no hassle

Tenants relationship in the making

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